Native Advertising: How to Create the Right Program For Your Niche

Native advertising is a prime revenue opportunity for niche publishers, and shows significant growth every year. According to eMarketer, Native now makes up more than 50% of digital ad spending. And Business Insider has predicted that by 2021, 74% of all ads in the US market will be native. Not only is native a better alternative to banner and display ads, but native ads provide an “ad blocker-free” solution for […]

Grow Your Pipeline with Marketing Automation

Keep reading if… you’d like to know how we use a simple marketing automation to generate sales. I spend a lot of time chatting with other folks in the B2B events and publishing world, and it’s striking just how many don’t employ marketing automation at all. The reason I hear most often? Some variation of “We just aren’t big enough.” You […]

Keep Calm and Publish On!

The tried and true worked well for a long time, but is it the best way to move ahead? The digital disruption to traditional publishing means niche magazine publishers need to figure out how to best manage the changes that come from advancement in order to stay in business. And while it’s clear that diversifying revenue streams and creating quality content are […]

How to Stay Motivated to the Max!

It happens to every salesperson sometimes. You go through the motions of your sales week, feeling tired and uninspired.  So where can you find motivation? There is no magic solution, unfortunately. The cold, hard truth is that the best source of inspiration comes from within you. The good news is there are steps you can take to lift yourself up and out of […]

Team Takeaways from the Niche Digital Summit

Everyone wants to learn more about new ways to drive online revenue. So we recently brought together the best digital media minds and 150 niche publishers for the Niche Digital Summit in Chicago. The event was jam-packed with hands-on strategy, tactics and insights to help media businesses publish their niched-out content better, stronger and more profitably in the digital space. We asked the Niche Media HQ team to […]

Big Tech Battle a.k.a. David vs. Goliath

We all know the story of David versus Goliath. David, a lowly shepherd boy without any armor, battles the mighty gargantuan warrior, Goliath. It’s the classic underdog story. David wins by being nimble, staying out of striking distance of Goliath’s sword, and defeating Goliath by shooting the giant with his sling. What can we do as niche publishers to stand […]

Fight Fire With Fuel!

Don’t you hate it when you call a prospect to close a contract and they tell you that they have decided to go with your competitor because they got a “great deal”? What kind of great deal you ask? And then you get an earful on how much more expensive your rates are and how they have a limited budget. […]