How Publishers Need to Adapt to Apple iOS 15 Email Privacy Changes

In June, Apple announced iOS 15 email privacy changes that will radically change the email programs of all publishers. According to Apple, Mail Privacy Protection “helps users prevent senders from knowing when [a person] opens an email, and masks their IP address so it can’t be linked to other online activity or used to determine their location.” When iOS 15 rolls out […]

13 ways to squeeze value out of one article

The editors, freelancers, research and reporting it takes to produce top-notch content is likely your number one cost. You owe it to your organization to maximize the ROI from that investment. How many ways can you use and reuse an article to get more bang for your buck? You’ll recognize most of these options, but how many have you actually incorporated into your […]

Does Your Print Magazine Earn Its Keep? (Part Two)

Many niche publishers are assessing their print magazines as media budgets and ad dollars shrink this year. But you may be missing out on revenue opportunities by cutting issues or closing up entirely. Read on for five evaluation tactics from Erin Peterson, owner at Capstone Communications. This article was first published in Pages magazine, published by Lane Press. See Part […]