Adapt to Win Your Niche

In the Oscar-winning documentary, “Free Solo”, climber Alex Honnold incredibly scales El Capitan in Yosemite. There was no straight path. It was crooked, jagged and looked insane. Sometimes the niche media business can seem like that–no clear path. Every publisher can tell us a story about being down in the trenches, working hard to keep going, reaching to success in surprising […]

Where to Focus Revenue Growth in 2019

Ancillary publications, new digital products, live events, merchandise, oh my! Opportunities abound to diversify and grow your revenue by launching new products. So how do you sift out the gold nuggets from the gravel in your product ideas? Paul Reulbach (Publisher, Silicon Valley magazine/San Francisco magazine) has launched many a media product. Here he shares his quick insights on where […]

Big Ideas for Small Publishers

Niche Key Question: What are the latest publisher revenue ideas and how can you get on board? What’s the next big thing YOU should be doing to stay ahead in this crazy niche publishing world? We interviewed Christopher Lester (Founder, [C4ward] Strategies and former VP at Emma). Below he shares a few of his insights into why niche will always […]

Try This 3-Tiered Model to Jumpstart a Native Ad Program

Native advertising has become wildly popular – but mostly for social media giants such as Facebook. eMarketer forecasts that spending on native digital display ads will grow 36% in 2017 to surpass $22 billion – with social platforms accounting for about 84% of that spending. For niche publishers, establishing profitable and sustainable native ad programs has never been more challenging. […]

The State of Digital Advertising: Opportunities for Niche Publishers!

Mark Thompson, CEO of The New York Times, recently declared the state of digital advertising is a ‘nightmarish joke’ and a dangerous environment for brands, due in part to the rise of fake news, the ridiculous amount of programmatic offerings, and the general lack of ability for brands to control the places and content agencies for their ads. While Thompson’s opinions are certainly […]

Niche Talk: Publisher Strategy with CEO Gary Redmond

Dedicated niche audience? Check. Print side of the business super-successful? Check. But what about digital products? What’s your strategic plan for digital for the next 2-3 years? Transitioning from a sole focus on print to expanding into the digital space can be daunting, all while stretching budgets, staffing resources and still making sure you are serving the needs of your niche audience as well as […]