Traditional Print vs Digital Content: Can One Editorial Team do Both?

We know the reader experience is VERY different between print and digital. But whether we want to admit it or not, there can also be big differences in the writing experience as well. Digital writing differs from traditional print with the kinds of immediate “hooks” needed to keep your audience engaged. The story length is often shorter, and online sourcing can be challenging. […]

Print + Digital = Highest ROI

I often encounter advertisers who think digital advertising is less expensive than print. Then I spend some time explaining how it’s not an “either-or” mindset.  A combination of print and digital works best and drives your highest ROI. I show advertisers that using both traditional print and digital components in an advertising campaign allows them to reach a much broader audience.   Why a […]

How to Have a Perfect (Ad Sales) Season

Are you gazing out the window at the fall colors, (or thinking about your favorite football team) instead of paying attention to all your unanswered emails? What about all the follow-ups? If you want to have stellar ad sales in 2019, think about making some changes NOW. Are you ready to tackle 2019 ad sales challenges? Here are 5 quick […]

Are You Guilty of Ad Sales TMI?

In ad sales trainings, I am always asked for great stats that my students can share with their clients.  I normally ask…Why? And did you know that many people will be more confused after a stat than before? The thing about statistics is that ad sales reps LOVE to share them. And when they learn some new data they go […]

Are you ready to grow your digital revenues?

Are you ready to grow your digital revenues? We all know we need to launch new digital products to diversify our online income sources in these challenging times. The problem is the deck is stacked against us! In fact, we’ve found five forces that hold publishers back from growing the digital piece of their business. Which of these five forces […]

Five Forces to Digital Revenue Success

We sat down with Rob Ristagno, author of “A Member is Worth a Thousand Visitors”. Rob and his team have spent the past three years working directly with dozens of publishers to define the five forces to digital revenue success. The book is packed with case-studies, strategies, and step-by-step instructions on how to implement these five forces in your publishing […]

Close More on the First Sales Call-Part II

Last week, I wrote about how to bring structure to the very first sales call to give myself the best chance of making a sale. (And to enjoy that heady feeling as often as possible!)  The first 3 steps I take in every single sales call are to: Build trust. Share success stories. Determine market presence. Combined with these three above, there are two […]

How to Close More on the First Sales Call

It’s a wonderful feeling, isn’t it, that heady, addictive moment when you close a deal? In every ad sales training workshop I teach, I loudly proclaim that feeling just never goes away. For me, it is just as fresh today as it was when I first started out. Of course, I lost sales just like any other salesperson, but I […]