Sept 21-22, 2023 - Chicago! The two-day, 11th-year annual event for C-Suite niche media executives and their top-level sales and revenue management staff.


  • Niche media Publishers, Owners, and C-Suite Executives

  • VP of Sales, Sales Directors, and top-level sales managers

  • VPs and Directors of Audience, Events, and Editorial

This is a high-level media operations attendee group ready and willing to share business details and talk the same language with each other, without confidentiality or competitive cautions.

This 2-day roundtable event has a primary focus of networking and sharing among the participants. All roundtables are moderated by industry professionals and broken down into niche groups like Consumer, B2B, City & Regional, and Sales Management to create very detailed and actionable discussions. Topics to include: managing print costs, paid content, new technologies, hiring/firing, finding salespeople, event revenue, building an editorial board, new revenue ideas, overhead and company management, and more. (Pro moderators will guide the topics and discussion.)