Is a Membership Model Right for You?

Don’t assume a membership is for you. Hey, what? Look, we love memberships, and so do many companies across media, events, retail, business services, and so on. But implementing a membership simply because it’s trendy, without doing any analysis, runs completely counter to what we stand for! While it’s true we usually end up working with clients to build a membership program, that’s only […]

Less Gimmick and More Audience Strategy

How do you turn an average customer into a brand evangelist? Creating a customer journey is more important than ever to ensure repeat revenue and audience growth. You have an amazing niche magazine and a devoted audience. And they are just waiting to interact, explore and buy from you. We interviewed Christopher Lester, Digital Strategist for C4ward Strategies, (and Super Niche Keynote) about how […]

Reset the Customer Relationship

People often behave differently than they say they will. Survey question: Would you buy this (product)? Customer answer: Yes. Actual behavior when product comes out: Didn’t buy it. Sometimes people have an idealized vision of who they are or what they want. Sometimes they tell you what they think you want to hear, or what they think will impress you […]

Keep Calm and Publish On!

The tried and true worked well for a long time, but is it the best way to move ahead? The digital disruption to traditional publishing means niche magazine publishers need to figure out how to best manage the changes that come from advancement in order to stay in business. And while it’s clear that diversifying revenue streams and creating quality content are […]