Fine Tune Your Revenue Mix!

No matter how much your core brand’s magazine, website, or event is thriving, building in back up revenue streams and maxing your brand’s recurring revenue is your safety net when things get rough. (And if things are going great, it’s that much more money for growth!) We asked Kelsey Scott, Brief Media and Charles Warner, Innovative Properties Worldwide, to share […]

5 Strategies to Unlock More Digital Revenue

Every publisher knows that developing revenue from either the reader or advertiser side of the equation is critical for your growth as a niche publication. You must be flexible and adaptive to the quickly, ever-changing landscape of technology and market opportunities. Here are five concepts for delivering digital revenue. Make sure they’re part of your larger overall revenue strategy.   […]

Podcast for Profit!

Launching and maintaining a successful podcast takes guts and gusto. You have to build your own audience, then increase listener share– all while driving profitability. But fear not. While most podcasters fade away in the first year, the successful ones are making it work–exponentially! We consulted with David Martin, Digital Media Director, San Diego Magazine on how to launch a […]

Digital Revenue: Let’s Do the Math!

Hey Niche Publishers! Who would like to add $378K to their annual revenue? Rachel Winner-Eberhardt, Advertising Director of Pittsburgh Magazine, posed just this question to attendees at our Super Niche event in Nashville in March. She shared tips on how her magazine maximizes their digital space. (These ideas can easily work for B2B and Associations too.) Here are 3 ideas […]

Driving “On Air” Digital Revenue

Ready for an amazing stat? Audiences retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, webinar or broadcast. No wonder advertisers are demanding live content. Are you ready to sell these target audience placements? Jayme McKelvey, Director of Sales for MD Publishing, and her team have taken on these offerings and are selling big time. The better […]

Million Dollar Idea: Buyers Guides!

The next installment of our Million Dollar Idea series comes from niche publisher Jeff Peterson of Peterson Publications. (His media company currently publishes 9 titles, 5 directories and 2 guides.) Publisher: Jeff Peterson, Peterson Publications, Topeka, KS Magazines: Plastics Business and 8 others Big Revenue Idea: Buyers Guides Buyers Guides are still alive…and doing well! Buyers Guides are affordable, so […]