1. Can I transfer my Super Niche registration from the postponed 2020 San Antonio event?  Yes.  Please email help@NicheMediaHQ.com for details and the link.

  2. I won a pass to Super Niche.  How do I redeem it?  Please email help@NicheMediaHQ.com

  3. Why is the 2021 event not in San Antonio?  The 2021 event was scheduled to be in Denver.  We will be back in Texas in the near future.

  4.  I was a past attendee at a Niche event.  Can I get a discount?  In most cases, the answer is yes. Please email help@NicheMediaHQ.com for details.

  5.  Do you offer group discounts?  Yes.  Always.  Please email Ryan@NicheMediaHQ.com for details.

  6. What COVID safety protocols will be in place at Niche Events?  All facilities will actively adhere to CDC guidelines for social distancing.  Hand sanitizer stations will be readily available.  No buffet-type meals will be served.  We will use facilities that allow attendees to be seated at a safe distance from each other.  Face coverings will be required per local mandate or facility mandate.

  7. Am I required to have the COVID vaccine before attending?  No.  While we highly encourage people to get vaccinated, it is not required for admission.  All staff will be vaccinated prior to any event.

  8. Am I required to stay at the host hotel?  No.  But, you will not find a lower rate in the area.  We have done the research.

  9. How far is the hotel from Denver International Airport?  25 minutes.  Uber is $31.

  10. How far is the hotel from downtown Denver?  3-4 miles.  Uber is $19.

  11. Does the hotel offer a shuttle from DIA/DEN?  No. Uber is $31.  Parking is FREE at the hotel.  A rental car is not needed.

  12. Why is the event not in downtown Denver?  We felt that the chosen hotel offered the best facilities to meet safely protocols and at an affordable rate.

  13. What restaurants are near the host hotel for Super Niche 2021?   There are 19 amazing restaurants that are a 5 minute or less Uber ride from the hotel.  Some include Shanahan’s Steakhouse, Eddie V’s Fine Seafood, Bonefish Grill, and Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen.  To see all nearby restaurants, click here.