Million Dollar Idea: 3 Strategies for More Revenue

Today we’ve got another Million Dollar Idea for you from our most recent CEO Summit in Denver. Kevin VanGundy shared his tips for focusing your revenue growth strategy no matter the size of your publication. Publisher: Kevin VanGundy, Publisher Magazines: Beacon Senior News Big Revenue Idea: Focus your revenue goals around three distinct strategies The Formula Money. Everyone wants it. […]

The Sales Ammo Your Customer is Giving You.

… And You’re Not Taking It.   Sales. Selling. Not for everybody. Thick skin required. Every sales rep has their tricks – the little things they do that gives them an edge over others. But the big secret may actually be time, or more specifically, time to close. The faster you can get a yes, the higher your output, and […]

What Scares Salespeople Most?

It’s almost Halloween, the day most people wear silly costumes to work, hardly work, then eat too much at the office potluck. But the spooky monsters, screeching ghosts and wicked witches got us thinking–what are salespeople most afraid of? What stops them from achieving their sales goals? We asked Super Niche Event speaker and sales genius Christopher Ware to share […]

Are You Guilty of Ad Sales TMI?

In ad sales trainings, I am always asked for great stats that my students can share with their clients.  I normally ask…Why? And did you know that many people will be more confused after a stat than before? The thing about statistics is that ad sales reps LOVE to share them. And when they learn some new data they go […]

Close More on the First Sales Call-Part II

Last week, I wrote about how to bring structure to the very first sales call to give myself the best chance of making a sale. (And to enjoy that heady feeling as often as possible!)  The first 3 steps I take in every single sales call are to: Build trust. Share success stories. Determine market presence. Combined with these three above, there are two […]

How to Close More on the First Sales Call

It’s a wonderful feeling, isn’t it, that heady, addictive moment when you close a deal? In every ad sales training workshop I teach, I loudly proclaim that feeling just never goes away. For me, it is just as fresh today as it was when I first started out. Of course, I lost sales just like any other salesperson, but I […]