About Niche Media

The Niche ethos is simple… create events to bring together like-minded media pros and drive revenue for niche media Publishers.  And for 15+ years Niche Media has had your back!

Our mission is simple: help publishers generate more revenue via print, digital, sales, and events. We’ve got it all… incredible learning and peer-to-peer connections at our live conferences, awesome online educational content, and expert resources from the best minds in media. Whether you’re a B2B, B2C/Consumer, Digital-Only, City & Regional, or Association publisher, Niche Media is your “go-to” resource for practical, actionable education & training (plus a healthy dose of F-U-N) to help you maximize revenue.

Together, we’re connecting the entire Niche Nation!

Niche Media Events: 

Super Niche Media Conference – Annual conference. 

300+ media pros with a focus on revenue generation, sales training, running your media business, and learning about emerging media trends.  Print publishers, digital-only publishers, podcasters, and more all unite around a theme of growing their media business and revenue!  The conference also features over 25 premier service providers to the niche publishing industry.  Learn More 

CEO Summit – Annual event for C-Suite and top-level management staff. 

This is a roundtable event that has a primary focus of networking and sharing amongst the participants. Roundtables are broken down into niche groups to create very detailed discussions. This is a high-level meeting with topics that range from M&A to sales to recruitment to the VERY popular Million Dollar Idea session.  Learn More

Media Sales Academy –  Ad sales training hosted four times per year. 

The Media Sales Academy brings together media salespeople once at the Super Niche Conference and also at various Top Golf locations around the country.  This is a full day of intensive ad sales training lead by industry sales veterans Ryan Dohrn and Nancy O’Brien.  Learn More