Million Dollar Idea: Niche Community Events!

Today we’re bringing back one of our all-time favorite Million Dollar Ideas from our Niche CEO Summits. (Niche Pro Tip – there’s another one coming up in November. Sign up now!) Now let’s get the niche revenue party started! Publisher: Ashley and James Fox-Smith from Baton Rouge, LA. Magazine: Country Roads Big Idea: Create a Supper Club The publishers created […]

5 Strategies to Unlock More Digital Revenue

Every publisher knows that developing revenue from either the reader or advertiser side of the equation is critical for your growth as a niche publication. You must be flexible and adaptive to the quickly, ever-changing landscape of technology and market opportunities. Here are five concepts for delivering digital revenue. Make sure they’re part of your larger overall revenue strategy.   […]

Million Dollar Idea: 3 Strategies for More Revenue

Today we’ve got another Million Dollar Idea for you from our most recent CEO Summit in Denver. Kevin VanGundy shared his tips for focusing your revenue growth strategy no matter the size of your publication. Publisher: Kevin VanGundy, Publisher Magazines: Beacon Senior News Big Revenue Idea: Focus your revenue goals around three distinct strategies The Formula Money. Everyone wants it. […]

Million Dollar Idea: Affinity Directory!

The Niche CEO Summit, held in Phoenix last month, was packed with growth strategies from niche publishing CEOs nationwide and in all markets. We’re sharing the best ideas with you in our new Million Dollar Idea feature. (Past installments: event revenue and sales appointments) The third revenue idea comes from Two Eagles Marcus, President of Women’s Lifestyle magazine. He’s always […]

M&A: Let’s Make a Deal!

So you’re considering selling your media business. Or maybe buying new media properties. Is it a sure thing that it will be a long, bumpy ride? Are there ways to prepare yourself and your company now that can make a difference? We consulted Mark Sullivan (former President, Formula4Media) and John McGovern (CEO/Owner, Grimes, McGovern & Assoc.) for some of their […]