Are You Ready to Conquest Your Competition?

The most fun you can have in digital advertising today is competitive conquesting.  Your advertising clients will eat it up. And you sales team will be knocking out the signed insertion orders.  “How?”, you ask. Programmatic display advertising. That’s how. Programmatic marketing is Read More

Niche Publishing: What CEOs Are Talking About

Andrew Davis, global motivational speaker and lunch keynote, recently challenged Niche CEO Summit publishers in the room: “Can you move your market? What trends can you inspire within your niche? More importantly, as a publisher, YOU do have the power to move your market Read More

Digital Revenue: Updates You Need to Know Right Now!

The digital space changes so fast! It’s hard to keep up with so many new tools, distribution platforms, software. So while you’re trying to decide what fits your audience and online revenue budgets, we try to keep up on the latest digital news for niche publishers. Here’s what’s new: a recent study Read More