Fine Tune Your Revenue Mix!

No matter how much your core brand’s magazine, website, or event is thriving, building in back up revenue streams and maxing your brand’s recurring revenue is your safety net when things get rough. (And if things are going great, it’s that much more money for growth!) We asked Kelsey Scott, Brief Media and Charles Warner, Innovative Properties Worldwide, to share […]

5 Strategies to Unlock More Digital Revenue

Every publisher knows that developing revenue from either the reader or advertiser side of the equation is critical for your growth as a niche publication. You must be flexible and adaptive to the quickly, ever-changing landscape of technology and market opportunities. Here are five concepts for delivering digital revenue. Make sure they’re part of your larger overall revenue strategy.   […]

12 Digital Revenue Ideas That Work!

At the Niche CEO Summit a few months ago, niche publishers gathered from all over the country to share best practices and new creative strategies. One hot topic at the roundtables was B2B digital strategies for small niche publishers. We talked about the importance of easy navigation, design, metrics and analytics. Everyone wants to know more about how to generate […]

Are You Ready to Conquest Your Competition?

The most fun you can have in digital advertising today is competitive conquesting.  Your advertising clients will eat it up. And you sales team will be knocking out the signed insertion orders.  “How?”, you ask. Programmatic display advertising. That’s how. Programmatic marketing is automated bidding on advertising inventory in real-time, for the opportunity to show an ad to a specific type […]

6 Steps to Diving into Digital Ad Sales

So you’ve mostly been a print publisher up until now. Maybe you’ve added a couple new revenue streams like a special edition book and a sponsored event or two. You know it’s time to really put some focus on digital ad sales. But where do you start without getting overwhelmed by the vastness of all things digital? Lucky for you, […]

Digital Revenue: Updates You Need to Know Right Now!

The digital space changes so fast! It’s hard to keep up with so many new tools, distribution platforms, software. So while you’re trying to decide what fits your audience and online revenue budgets, we try to keep up on the latest digital news for niche publishers. Here’s what’s new: a recent study on measuring digital “strength”, lessons from mega-media’s big moves, programmatic trends and a new (ahem, yes again) ad […]