Event Revenue: What’s the Magic Formula?

With so many competing events out there, is it a great time to launch or grow events? How can you be sure that your audience will attend your event?

Attendees are critical to driving revenue, whether through paid tickets or by pushing sponsor sign up and renewals for next year. What’s the magic formula?

We interviewed Jennafer Ross, CEO of JR Global Events. She knows how to get butts in seats and has developed strategies to keep the attendance roster sold out. Here’s what she had to say:

What are three best practices that niche media companies can use to stand out from the other events?

“1 – Thinking outside the box – less about the way “it’s always done” and more about creating the “un-conference” setting.

2 – Less is more – and keep it simple – overcomplicated and overdone is just plain overwhelming for anyone. -Simple, precise and clear communication is key.

3 – If you get tired sitting in a conference room for hours on end consider your attendees, put yourself in their shoes and imagine the perception of the attendee who is trying to absorb your content. If it is a lot to absorb, consider frequent movement breaks. “

What revenue channels do you think many event planners overlook? 

“Sponsorship of ANYTHING; again being creative and maximizing your event spend and creating a revenue stream is the name of the game. How do to this without looking like you skimped is key. It’s also important to partner with sponsors who value your audience, (as long as they can gain significant ROI). Making the event worthwhile for their spend is crucial. “

Tell us more about exciting new trends in the event space that can enhance an event’s appeal or maybe inspire a new launch! Can you share a real world success story?

“Offering unique or exclusive space for a venue – somewhere attendees normally would not go themselves or even have access to is key to creating a wow experience.
We created a corporate event at Camp Pendleton on the Beach in San Diego which is typically a closed base not open to non-military personnel.  However for private events that are in a controlled space, it’s allowed.  We hosted a beachfront reception with a custom sand builder for the corporate logo, along with fire-pits, beach BBQ and even arranged a military fly-over for effect.  Guest were escorted by military humvee to the event space.”


Editor’s note: Jennafer Ross is a keynote speaker and will be leading the session, Blow the Doors Off! New Ways to Max Attendance (& Drive Revenue) in Event Strategy at the Niche CEO Summit, Dec 4-5 in Phoenix.


More about Jennafer: Jennafer Ross is the Founder & CEO of JR Global Events. She has planned and executed thousands of meetings and events, from 10-person executive incentive programs to 10,000-person community events. She has extensive experience working with a wide variety of clients to determine an event’s strategic goals; create budgets; manage the venue selection process, and negotiate pricing. She is a 2018 Smart Meetings Award Winner: 100 Inspiring Women in Meetings.




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