7 Email Tips to Help Navigate COVID-19

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has left us in a time of uncertainty. It’s more important than ever to be sure you’re setting the right tone in the email messages from your company – particularly your non-news email content. We’ve put together a list of email tips to help you navigate this unpredictable time.   First, do no harm. Including important prevention […]

Memberships = Recurring Revenue!

There’s a ton of buzz out there about membership programs for publishers. Whenever a trend gets hot, we like to ask: What is the real problem we’re solving? Doing so enables us to avoid the trap of focusing on a passing fad. In this case, the real problem memberships solve is they create a direct and meaningful relationship with your […]

Traditional Print vs Digital Content: Can One Editorial Team do Both?

We know the reader experience is VERY different between print and digital. But whether we want to admit it or not, there can also be big differences in the writing experience as well. Digital writing differs from traditional print with the kinds of immediate “hooks” needed to keep your audience engaged. The story length is often shorter, and online sourcing can be challenging. […]

5 Must-Send Emails for Niche Publishers

Email newsletters are one of the best tools you have at your disposal, but many publications just don’t recognize their potential. Newsletters are one of the top ways to keep your audience engaged with your brand. They drive attention to your website, your social pages, and your legacy platforms. In fact, newsletter readers spend 80% more time on your site. […]

3 Audience Trends to Watch

Media companies have figured out that in order to sustain a healthy business model, it’s all about distributing their unique, niched-out content through various channels. This includes print, digital, webinars, videos, podcasts, social media and more. As niche publishers, how do you best manage the process to drive these various audiences that consume your content? Do you provide value to each audience on each channel so they […]

4 Tips to Delivering Email Success

Are you looking to find more success with your emails? Whether you’ve got an established email program or just dreaming of email nirvana, here are four tips to help your email efforts.   1. Get Permission There are a lot of ways to grow your list, but not all of them are good for your database. Ensuring you’re growing your […]

Is a Membership Model Right for You?

Don’t assume a membership is for you. Hey, what? Look, we love memberships, and so do many companies across media, events, retail, business services, and so on. But implementing a membership simply because it’s trendy, without doing any analysis, runs completely counter to what we stand for! While it’s true we usually end up working with clients to build a membership program, that’s only […]

Less Gimmick and More Audience Strategy

How do you turn an average customer into a brand evangelist? Creating a customer journey is more important than ever to ensure repeat revenue and audience growth. You have an amazing niche magazine and a devoted audience. And they are just waiting to interact, explore and buy from you. We interviewed Christopher Lester, Digital Strategist for C4ward Strategies, (and Super Niche Keynote) about how […]