Get Ready to Network!

Last year, sales superstar, Christopher Ware, wrote a post about ways that salespeople can excel in the Party Bantersphere. Below are some of Christopher’s keen insights, so you can brush up before the invites come rushing in. How to work a room When I started my career I was lousy at working a room. I could do a lunch meeting […]

3 Quick Prospecting Tips

Everyone in media sales knows this– it’s incredibly tough to get meetings with potential advertisers today. Is there some magic formula to reel them in? No. The key to generating new business is to perfect your prospecting process. (Say that fast 3x!) Put these steps into practice and watch for truly measurable results. Prospecting (and learning to do it well), […]

What Scares Salespeople Most?

It’s almost Halloween, the day most people wear silly costumes to work, hardly work, then eat too much at the office potluck. But the spooky monsters, screeching ghosts and wicked witches got us thinking–what are salespeople most afraid of? What stops them from achieving their sales goals? We asked Super Niche Event speaker and sales genius Christopher Ware to share […]

Close More on the First Sales Call-Part II

Last week, I wrote about how to bring structure to the very first sales call to give myself the best chance of making a sale. (And to enjoy that heady feeling as often as possible!)  The first 3 steps I take in every single sales call are to: Build trust. Share success stories. Determine market presence. Combined with these three above, there are two […]

How to Close More on the First Sales Call

It’s a wonderful feeling, isn’t it, that heady, addictive moment when you close a deal? In every ad sales training workshop I teach, I loudly proclaim that feeling just never goes away. For me, it is just as fresh today as it was when I first started out. Of course, I lost sales just like any other salesperson, but I […]