Million Dollar Idea: Niche Community Events!

Today we’re bringing back one of our all-time favorite Million Dollar Ideas from our Niche CEO Summits. (Niche Pro Tip – there’s another one coming up in November. Sign up now!)

Now let’s get the niche revenue party started!

  • Publisher: Ashley and James Fox-Smith from Baton Rouge, LA.
  • Magazine: Country Roads
  • Big Idea: Create a Supper Club

The publishers created a new event (and revenue stream) called the “Supper Club.” James said they wished they’d wish they’d done it 10 years ago, because it’s been so successful.

Their mission was to create a shared dining and entertainment experience of all the things they’d been writing about in their magazine.

At the launch of this great idea, the publishers’ formed a perfect tag line: “Eat well. Raise a glass. Make new friends.”

Running six events a year, Country Roads Supper Club brings celebrated chefs to serve sumptuous dinners in unforgettable locations. Sometimes the event will coordinate well with a restaurant’s grand opening, making it even more appealing to the owners.

The Formula

150 people, three to five courses, live music, storytellers, and other features make this event a night to remember. Secure four to six sponsors for the event. (A bunch of small sponsors is less manageable.) Attendee ticket cost is approximately $90.

Why It Works

The Supper Club introduced Country Roads to a whole new audience beyond their readership, as well as to new sponsors (like Georgia Pacific!), that are outside the magazine’s daily scope. The new base of attendees and sponsors then became passionate fans of the Country Road Supper Club and the media brand as a whole.

The Results

15% revenue growth since starting the Supper Club. Sounds like a BIG win to us! Now where can we get a dinner ticket…


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Editor’s Note: This post has been updated from 2018.


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