Adapt to Win Your Niche

In the Oscar-winning documentary, “Free Solo”, climber Alex Honnold incredibly scales El Capitan in Yosemite. There was no straight path. It was crooked, jagged and looked insane. Sometimes the niche media business can seem like that–no clear path. Every publisher can tell us a story about being down in the trenches, working hard to keep going, reaching to success in surprising […]

Content: King of Everything!

Content is King!  Bill Gates predicted that way back in 1996. Publishers no longer focus solely on a subscription-based model. They are now developing strategies to drive revenue with their in-demand, niche content. Creating that great content and then deciding how to package, distribute and repurpose it to your customers is the key to long-term success. We recently interviewed Ben […]

Million Dollar Idea: Buyers Guides!

The next installment of our Million Dollar Idea series comes from niche publisher Jeff Peterson of Peterson Publications. (His media company currently publishes 9 titles, 5 directories and 2 guides.) Publisher: Jeff Peterson, Peterson Publications, Topeka, KS Magazines: Plastics Business and 8 others Big Revenue Idea: Buyers Guides Buyers Guides are still alive…and doing well! Buyers Guides are affordable, so […]

Million Dollar Idea: Affinity Directory!

The Niche CEO Summit, held in Phoenix last month, was packed with growth strategies from niche publishing CEOs nationwide and in all markets. We’re sharing the best ideas with you in our new Million Dollar Idea feature. (Past installments: event revenue and sales appointments) The third revenue idea comes from Two Eagles Marcus, President of Women’s Lifestyle magazine. He’s always […]

Where to Focus Revenue Growth in 2019

Ancillary publications, new digital products, live events, merchandise, oh my! Opportunities abound to diversify and grow your revenue by launching new products. So how do you sift out the gold nuggets from the gravel in your product ideas? Paul Reulbach (Publisher, Silicon Valley magazine/San Francisco magazine) has launched many a media product. Here he shares his quick insights on where […]