Less Gimmick and More Audience Strategy

How do you turn an average customer into a brand evangelist? Creating a customer journey is more important than ever to ensure repeat revenue and audience growth. You have an amazing niche magazine and a devoted audience. And they are just waiting to interact, explore and buy from you. We interviewed Christopher Lester, Digital Strategist for C4ward Strategies, (and Super Niche Keynote) about how […]

Seize the Micro-Moment!

Mobile devices are now a huge, huge influence in customer interaction and engagement. Thanks to constant advancements in technology, the purchase process has become “a mobile customer journey.” Consumers just start tapping their smart phones when they need something. They move from an “I want more information” stage to an “I want to buy” stage in literally seconds. So how can publishers make an effective impact? By paying close attention to the […]