Traditional Print vs Digital Content: Can One Editorial Team do Both?

We know the reader experience is VERY different between print and digital. But whether we want to admit it or not, there can also be big differences in the writing experience as well. Digital writing differs from traditional print with the kinds Read More

Take Your Database in a New Direction

Tear down those old, traditional database silos of print and digital. Think instead about an integrated audience database. An integrated database is far more useful to you when you connect the dots between website, events, podcasts, webinars, enewsletters, print, mobile, video and ALL your magazine’s other content platforms. The Read More

Niche Publishing in 2018: It won’t be boring!

Wouldn’t a luminous crystal ball be great? At least some cool super-powers would be nice. Who doesn’t want to look into the future and make all the right decisions in 2018? So we created the next best alternative–we asked our media experts, who are constantly living/breathing/working/talking niche with hundreds Read More

Prevent Facebook and Google from Killing Publishing!

I recently came across a social media post that said: Amazon didn’t kill the retail industry, bad customer service did. Netflix didn’t kill Blockbuster, ridiculous late fees did. Uber didn’t kill the taxi business, limiting of number of taxis and fare control Read More

Audience Development: Transform Passive Readers into Active Customers!

How do niche publishers transform their passive audience readership into an active customer base and increase revenues exponentially at the same time? No, it’s not a trick question. Publishers used to gain readership through their high-quality content and then redirect the audience to advertisers. Now publishers Read More