7 Email Tips to Help Navigate COVID-19

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has left us in a time of uncertainty. It’s more important than ever to be sure you’re setting the right tone in the email messages from your company – particularly your non-news email content. We’ve put together a list of email tips to help you navigate this unpredictable time.   First, do no harm. Including important prevention […]

15 Ideas to Stay Relevant During COVID-19

Whether you find yourself now working from your kitchen, dealing with a long-extended school break for your kiddos, or just bummed about missing your favorite sports or concerts, COVID-19 is affecting everyone. There are many ways to keep your magazine relevant and important to your readers during this time. Utilize engaging promotions and emails, to capitalize on the influx of […]

5 Must-Send Emails for Niche Publishers

Email newsletters are one of the best tools you have at your disposal, but many publications just don’t recognize their potential. Newsletters are one of the top ways to keep your audience engaged with your brand. They drive attention to your website, your social pages, and your legacy platforms. In fact, newsletter readers spend 80% more time on your site. […]

3 Audience Trends to Watch

Media companies have figured out that in order to sustain a healthy business model, it’s all about distributing their unique, niched-out content through various channels. This includes print, digital, webinars, videos, podcasts, social media and more. As niche publishers, how do you best manage the process to drive these various audiences that consume your content? Do you provide value to each audience on each channel so they […]

6 Tools for Reader Connection (and Revenue)

Niche magazine publishers have a built-in advantage over publishers of mass-appeal magazines: Their readers aren’t just mildly interested in the content they offer. They’re passionate!  Niche magazines address specific professions and industries as well as hobbyists, enthusiasts, activists, and artists. This built-in niche audience is eager for news, information, tips, and insights that help them learn and grow. Niche magazines reach fans […]

Go For The Gold: 5 Tips to Elevate Your E-Newsletter!

I recently had the opportunity to be a judge for “Best E-newsletter.” Our panel looked for certain qualities immediately. Navigability, layout and creativity were a given. And if the entries didn’t also incorporate the key elements below, they were rejected. Harsh, but hey, your newsletter has to stand out in your readers’ inbox above all the others. First, do you have clearly defined goals for your e-newsletter?  Is the primary goal lead-gen? […]