Niche Publishing: Develop Paid Content Strategies That Rock!

Whoa! Could you be sitting on a gold mine but not taking full advantage of it? You know you have awesome content, with archives going back years. So how the heck do you kickstart a paid content program? We interviewed Rob Ristagno, Sterling Woods’ CEO (and Paid Read More

Grow Your Business with These Three Resolutions

Maybe you’re sick of being asked about your 2018 resolutions, but note that research has proven they’re worthwhile: people who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who don’t explicitly make resolutions. Let’s skip all Read More

Niche Publishing in 2018: It won’t be boring!

Wouldn’t a luminous crystal ball be great? At least some cool super-powers would be nice. Who doesn’t want to look into the future and make all the right decisions in 2018? So we created the next best alternative–we asked our media experts, who are constantly living/breathing/working/talking niche with hundreds Read More

Google is Throwing Us a Bone (and Niche Publishers Benefit!)

Usually when I start a sentence with “Google has changed their rules,” I hear a lot of moans and groans. That’s because rule changes often mean loss of traffic and the need to correct course. Not in this case. The tech giant Read More

Prevent Facebook and Google from Killing Publishing!

I recently came across a social media post that said: Amazon didn’t kill the retail industry, bad customer service did. Netflix didn’t kill Blockbuster, ridiculous late fees did. Uber didn’t kill the taxi business, limiting of number of taxis and fare control Read More

Content Monetization: Personality Matters!

Nearly all digital publishers would agree: one of the key points of creating content online is to educate your audience and solve a reader’s problem. That’s why so much content monetization strategy starts with the question, “What problem are you solving for your audience?” Solving Read More