Are you ready to build a paywall?

Paywalls are everywhere right now. Whether it’s the successful pioneers and veterans, or the new kids on the block, everybody is talking about them, considering them, or building them. That, and the membership model, which may or may not involve a paywall, of course. Reader revenue is contingent upon one key factor: Audience loyalty. You can publish 150 posts a […]

Niche Publishing: Develop Paid Content Strategies That Rock!

Whoa! Could you be sitting on a gold mine but not taking full advantage of it? You know you have awesome content, with archives going back years. So how the heck do you kickstart a paid content program? We interviewed Rob Ristagno, Sterling Woods’ CEO (and Paid Content Genius). He knows how to beat online audience attrition by creating content products and memberships while charging for access. Read […]

Where Should I Put My Paywall?

When publishers start charging for digital memberships, there is often an initial fear that traffic will plummet. Where you actually put the paywall barrier is an extremely important strategic decision. Leadership needs to balance various business objectives: advertising, affiliate marketing, lead acquisition, and of course direct monetization through membership subscription fees.   The Paywall Options Here is a menu of […]