B2B Events 2.0

Who wants to learn the latest in B2B event models and revenue strategies? Events continue to be a hot commodity in niche media, especially for B2B and Association publishers. Finding fresh ways to inspire, inform, and engage your customers or membership is crucial for event revenue growth. Philip McKay (President & CEO, nGage Events) and his team manage super successful […]

Is a Membership Model Right for You?

Don’t assume a membership is for you. Hey, what? Look, we love memberships, and so do many companies across media, events, retail, business services, and so on. But implementing a membership simply because it’s trendy, without doing any analysis, runs completely counter to what we stand for! While it’s true we usually end up working with clients to build a membership program, that’s only […]

Media Ad Sales: The Daily Quick 10

“Motivation gets you started, habit keeps you going.” –Jim Ryun Successful salespeople find ways to stay motivated. But what about developing good habits?  You know, a tendency or practice that’s actually hard to give up. In my sales workshops, I teach sales reps how to develop 10 daily habits that eventually become so natural to do, they’re just part of […]

Adapt to Win Your Niche

In the Oscar-winning documentary, “Free Solo”, climber Alex Honnold incredibly scales El Capitan in Yosemite. There was no straight path. It was crooked, jagged and looked insane. Sometimes the niche media business can seem like that–no clear path. Every publisher can tell us a story about being down in the trenches, working hard to keep going, reaching to success in surprising […]