Is a Tech Transformation Your Holy Grail?

Sometimes niche publishers think about technology as the one thing that will transform their business and boost revenues. The reality is much more complex. The bottom line is that growth and transformation is really about strategy and communication. So we interviewed Gerrit Klein, President of Ebner Ulm Publishing. He knows the technology game very well after having led a series of strategic transformations within his own […]

Selling the Power of Print

It seems like I fight an uphill battle with a handful of my clients who think print is dead. I include print advertising, among many other things, in their proposal every year and then spend an hour explaining to them why keeping some presence in print in their media mix is a must. They argue that print ads aren’t trackable, […]

Highlights from the Publishers Conclave

We now live in a world where publishers offer creative design and content services to their advertisers, and ad/marketing agencies publish custom magazines. So it makes perfect sense, then, that magazine printers are hosting publisher events. It’s about bringing together their clients in an innovative, networking atmosphere to share ideas and learn from each other. These changes bring new opportunities for just about […]

The Art of the Enduring Magazine

As a marketer working for a magazine printing company with a venerable, lively lineage tracking back to 1793, I love a good magazine success story. Especially in this disruptive age of multitudinous content platforms and shrinking attention spans. And there are great publications that have managed to pull it off, to maneuver seamlessly through the morass and stand the test […]