Print Power, Right On!

It’s the difference between being constantly inundated with messaging vs choosing what to consume and when. Imagine a reader experience with no annoying pop-ups, frozen downloads or swiping to nowhere. Instead, your niche readers can enjoy uncluttered, uninterrupted moments to absorb your magazine’s content, enjoying the feel of the paper between their fingers as they turn the page. They are […]

Increase Print Revenue with Native Ad Campaigns

Print remains one of the strongest channels for native and sponsored ad campaigns. Niche publishers have to think outside the box and get creative. Charles Warner, (CEO/Editor in Chief, Innovation & Tech Today) recently spoke at Super Niche in Louisville. He urged niche publishers to get the most out of their native ad campaigns by looking beyond traditional advertising norms to push […]

Selling the Power of Print

It seems like I fight an uphill battle with a handful of my clients who think print is dead. I include print advertising, among many other things, in their proposal every year and then spend an hour explaining to them why keeping some presence in print in their media mix is a must. They argue that print ads aren’t trackable, […]

Survey Says: Brands in Print = More Reader Trust

We say it all the time: It’s not a print vs digital question anymore. It’s both. The key is finding the right combination of distribution channels for your niched out content. And even though the spotlight these days is in the digital space, most everyone is still figuring out how to make more money from it. Print continues to be an influential and effective component of magazine […]