Boost Print Revenue by Leveraging Online Assets

Cart before the horse or horse before the cart? We are SO done with the print vs digital debate already…… Today the successful business model is based on the continual development of evergreen and fresh content that engages your audience. The focus now is on how to best leverage ALL your distribution channels to reach your nichey peeps. You have tons of digital content now, […]

Selling the Power of Print

It seems like I fight an uphill battle with a handful of my clients who think print is dead. I include print advertising, among many other things, in their proposal every year and then spend an hour explaining to them why keeping some presence in print in their media mix is a must. They argue that print ads aren’t trackable, […]

What Happens When Your Clients Only Want to Buy Digital?

It’s funny how time changes everything.  If you’ve been selling advertising for a while you remember when we gave banner ads on our websites as value add to a print program. This was when digital advertising was in its infancy. Digital advertising distribution channels continue to evolve. Early on publishers liked digital ads with their low overhead and high margins, we […]