3 Big Questions to Ask for 2018 Revenue Strategy

We’re not too far off from next year’s revenue strategy, budgeting and growth planning. So what ARE the big questions niche media companies should contemplate as they look toward a successful 2018? And more importantly, what are the solutions that will work best for YOUR business? Generate more revenue, look for ways the competition missed, and focus on customer experience. We asked some […]

Where Do You Find Really Great Salespeople?

Almost every publisher I speak to right now has a similar challenge.  Where do you find really good salespeople? Good, proven salespeople are expensive to hire and difficult to coax away from their current company.  Plus, they are often high-risk hires because of their obvious willingness to jump for more money.  Inexperienced salespeople are untested and therefore may or may […]

B2B, B2C and Niches in Between–What’s Your Top Digital Initiative?

Hi Niche Whiz Kids! Eric Shanfelt is a super busy guy. First, he’s the Founder of eMedia Strategist, a consulting firm that has helped dozens of consumer and B2B media companies grow their digital businesses. And over the past 20 years, Eric has served as the Senior VP of Digital for Penton, Interweave, Virgo, and Harper Collins Christian Publishing, and has launched […]

Sales Management: Avoid Digital Product Overload Syndrome!

“…the times they are a-changin’..’” With those lyrics we realize that very little stays the same in our publishing businesses. Most of us are seeing the shift from traditional print revenue to digital dollars. As that trend continues, publishers keep adding more digital products to keep up with the demand. Is it a sound business practice for publishers to pile on digital […]

Selling Data….Without Selling Out Your Audience!

As a publisher, your niche audience data is a potential gold mine. But how much can you slice the audience pie? The last thing you want to do is dilute names, response, and revenue. What are the best ways to keep your most valuable asset – your list – opted-in and engaged? These are the questions that keep Melissa Chowning, Audience Development Superstar, up at night. We asked her to […]

Survey Says: Brands in Print = More Reader Trust

We say it all the time: It’s not a print vs digital question anymore. It’s both. The key is finding the right combination of distribution channels for your niched out content. And even though the spotlight these days is in the digital space, most everyone is still figuring out how to make more money from it. Print continues to be an influential and effective component of magazine […]

For the Love of…….Launch

The new media landscape defines success by the reinvention of your business model, the constant development of revenue streams and determining the right distribution mix for your devoted audience. And that’s before you think about growth! Does your growth plan include a new magazine launch? At the Niche CEO Summit a couple months ago, Mark Hintz, CEO of Sovereign Homestead Publishing, talked to publishers about taking advantage of […]

Online Traffic Strategies for Niche Growth!

Crafting your company’s digital and online traffic strategies, beyond the standard website or digital edition, is increasingly complex. There is a huge range of critical decisions to make with content, marketing, even ad sales. How can you tie it all together? With technology changing so fast, publishers need to make the right choices to keep their digital media business growing.  Stuart Hochwert is the President […]