B2B, B2C and Niches in Between–What’s Your Top Digital Initiative?

Hi Niche Whiz Kids!

Eric Shanfelt is a super busy guy. First, he’s the Founder of eMedia Strategist, a consulting firm that has helped dozens of consumer and B2B media companies grow their digital businesses.

And over the past 20 years, Eric has served as the Senior VP of Digital for Penton, Interweave, Virgo, and Harper Collins Christian Publishing, and has launched multiple, highly successful, multi-million-dollar online businesses with advertising, lead generation, e-commerce and subscription revenue streams. Whew.

But we bugged him with niche-y digital media questions anyway. Read on, Peeps:

Hey Eric, what’s your one and only, your top digital initiative right this minute?

“Unfortunately, I can’t give you just one digital initiative, but I can narrow it down to three.”

Ok, fine. But what three top initiatives? Our niche publishers want to know!

“For my B2B clients, we’re launching lead-nurturing conversion funnel businesses. Three of my clients will do $1MM in new revenue in the first year from this new line of business.”

“What about B2C? How is that different?”

“For my consumer enthusiast clients, we’re launching subscription conversion funnels using lead magnets and Google / Facebook PPC advertising. They are seeing up to 100x return on ad spend and building both their email and subscriber databases.” (Ed. – Wow, 100 times return on ad spend!) 

Finally, what do all media businesses need help with right now?

“I continue to help media companies of all types migrate from basic email platforms to unified audience platforms that give them not only email, but text and site messaging, as well as in-depth, actionable data about their customers, marketing automation capabilities, and more.”

So Eric focuses on practical audience and revenue-building strategies for publishers of all types and sizes. What’s the right strategy for YOUR niche media business? Share with us and your niche media publishing community!

P.S. Join us at the Niche Digital Summit in Chicago, Sept. 25-27. Eric will be co-leading the Pre-Summit Digital Revenue Workshops, and presenting during the Summit too!



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