Revenue, Database, and Leads – Oh My!

Indy’s Child is a parenting magazine based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. Our magazine prides itself on being the ultimate parenting resource for families living in the greater Indianapolis area and beyond. We turned to contesting as a new opportunity to drive revenue, grow our email database, and learn a bit about our readers. Our magazine (and our clients!) were beyond […]

Print + Digital = Highest ROI

I often encounter advertisers who think digital advertising is less expensive than print. Then I spend some time explaining how it’s not an “either-or” mindset.  A combination of print and digital works best and drives your highest ROI. I show advertisers that using both traditional print and digital components in an advertising campaign allows them to reach a much broader audience.   Why a […]

Boost Print Revenue by Leveraging Online Assets

Cart before the horse or horse before the cart? We are SO done with the print vs digital debate already…… Today the successful business model is based on the continual development of evergreen and fresh content that engages your audience. The focus now is on how to best leverage ALL your distribution channels to reach your nichey peeps. You have tons of digital content now, […]

How to Launch a Digital Strategy in Less Than 60 Days

When I say “launch a digital strategy” I mean every aspect of digital: online content, social media, e-newsletter, and even text messaging.  A True Digital Transformation. Everything your publication needs to reach an ever-growing digital audience wherever they are across the web, social and on their mobile devices. Recently we partnered with a niche publisher to upgrade and relaunch all […]

Sell BIG with Customized, Fully-Integrated Ad Proposals

When you build a customized ad package in multiple channels, it not only serves your advertisers, but drives serious ad sales revenue. So what’s the best way to present these proposals for closing success? We consulted Nancy O’Brien, Associate Publisher of Aviation International News, will be leading the session,  Proposal Mania! Custom Ad Packages for Max Revenue at the Super Niche event […]

Winning Digital Sales Tactics for 2018

Ok, your sales manager has handed you a new integrated digital media package to sell and tells you to “run with it”. But your advertisers can vary so much in terms of experience, budget, even their own understanding of digital ROI. Not to mention managing all their goals and expectations throughout the process. So how do you craft (and explain) […]

Sales Management: Avoid Digital Product Overload Syndrome!

“…the times they are a-changin’..’” With those lyrics we realize that very little stays the same in our publishing businesses. Most of us are seeing the shift from traditional print revenue to digital dollars. As that trend continues, publishers keep adding more digital products to keep up with the demand. Is it a sound business practice for publishers to pile on digital […]