For the Love of…….Launch

The new media landscape defines success by the reinvention of your business model, the constant development of revenue streams and determining the right distribution mix for your devoted audience. And that’s before you think about growth!

Does your growth plan include a new magazine launch?

At the Niche CEO Summit a couple months ago, Mark Hintz, CEO of Sovereign Homestead Publishing, talked to publishers about taking advantage of new technology to determine new product lines to launch, as well as exploring new markets of interest within a niche. Mark’s media company includes a wide variety of titles, including Log Cabin Homes Magazine, SCI FI, OTAKU USA Magazine ( an anime & manga magazine), World War II History Magazine and more.

Thanks to more sophisticated audience data-mining, new product launches aren’t as scary as they used to be. According to Mr. Magazine Samir Husni, publishers are launching new magazines every month, with 46 new titles just launched in June.

Check out these examples of five new print magazines launched within the last year:

These publishers determined how to meet the (previously) unmet demand of a niche audience. Some niched their niche; some are maximizing the power of strong visuals and cranking out amazing, super-niched content. Still others are discovering and (diving into) new untapped markets or forming new partnerships to expand their brand.

  • Lyra, a feminist (male or female) magazine focused on society, politics and art
  • 5054, a new magazine devoted to arty, automotive awesomeness
  • Season, a new football fan magazine designed for women
  • Sofa, where “Life is a chat room”, for Gen X-Z-er’s embracing the digital world in print form
  • Unbuilt, a new launch by musicians, for musicians.

From The Memo: 5 shiny new print magazines that prove paper is still in fashion

Don’t try to be a one-hit wonder.

It’s okay to start small. If you are thinking of a new launch within the next year, you can manage costs by testing with a digital pilot, for example. This will give you the ability to learn what resonates and what doesn’t before you go full on with the print launch.

P.S. Want to learn more? Here’s a past post from Publisher Tim Hermes, 12 tips for launching a niche media brand



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