B2B, B2C and Niches in Between–What’s Your Top Digital Initiative?

Hi Niche Whiz Kids! Eric Shanfelt is a super busy guy. First, he’s the Founder of eMedia Strategist, a consulting firm that has helped dozens of consumer and B2B media companies grow their digital businesses. And over the past 20 years, Eric has served as the Senior VP of Digital for Penton, Interweave, Virgo, and Harper Collins Christian Publishing, and has launched […]

Are Your Digital Initiatives Killing It?

Sometimes hardworking niche peeps (that’s you!) get stuck. They’re all set with their digital initiatives and revenue plan for the coming year and just want to get it done. But what digital platforms, tools and ideas are they (and you!) missing? The digital landscape changes fast, and you have to change with it! We asked some of our amazing digital media […]