5 Steps to Sales Negotiation Success!

Presenting proposals can be the easiest step to accomplish in the sales process. In fact, I often include a proposal when making a sales call, which saves time for me and my client. But when the client won’t commit, it’s time to start negotiating. So what are some good guidelines for negotiating during the proposal stage of the sale? Read on to learn how to […]

Niche Publishing: Develop Paid Content Strategies That Rock!

Whoa! Could you be sitting on a gold mine but not taking full advantage of it? You know you have awesome content, with archives going back years. So how the heck do you kickstart a paid content program? We interviewed Rob Ristagno, Sterling Woods’ CEO (and Paid Content Genius). He knows how to beat online audience attrition by creating content products and memberships while charging for access. Read […]

Sell BIG with Customized, Fully-Integrated Ad Proposals

When you build a customized ad package in multiple channels, it not only serves your advertisers, but drives serious ad sales revenue. So what’s the best way to present these proposals for closing success? We consulted Nancy O’Brien, Associate Publisher of Aviation International News, will be leading the session,  Proposal Mania! Custom Ad Packages for Max Revenue at the Super Niche event […]

Go For The Gold: 5 Tips to Elevate Your E-Newsletter!

I recently had the opportunity to be a judge for “Best E-newsletter.” Our panel looked for certain qualities immediately. Navigability, layout and creativity were a given. And if the entries didn’t also incorporate the key elements below, they were rejected. Harsh, but hey, your newsletter has to stand out in your readers’ inbox above all the others. First, do you have clearly defined goals for your e-newsletter?  Is the primary goal lead-gen? […]

True Love: Niche Publishers + Custom Publishing

Doesn’t every niche publisher want to expand content revenue and audience reach? The perfect match is your niche audience and a nice portfolio of custom publishing products. So where do you start? We asked Michael Zivyak, President & Publisher of Sonoma Magazine at Sonoma Media Investments, to share some of his insights about custom publishing.    If a publisher is thinking of starting […]

Boost Sales Revenue with Video Ads

We know, we know. 2018 is The Year of Video. According to eMarketer, US programmatic digital video ad spending is on track to surpass $13 billion by 2019. Sure Facebook and YouTube numbers are a huge part of that, but there’s no reason niche publishers can’t take advantage of video as an advertising revenue stream. Have you fully embraced a video […]

Create Profitable Relationships with Your Audience

Here’s the cold, hard truth: Your paid audience revenue opportunities are only as good as your audience data strategy! Successful audience strategy requires the fine-tuned balance of a clean, up-to-date database combined with a solid understanding of how many times you can actually “hit up” your audience with your own products and advertiser campaigns. We interviewed upcoming Super Niche Event speaker Melissa Chowning, (CEO of Twenty-First Digital), […]