Boost Sales Revenue with Video Ads

We know, we know. 2018 is The Year of Video. According to eMarketer, US programmatic digital video ad spending is on track to surpass $13 billion by 2019.

Sure Facebook and YouTube numbers are a huge part of that, but there’s no reason niche publishers can’t take advantage of video as an advertising revenue stream.

Have you fully embraced a video strategy, or does video feel outside your current capabilities? Are you confident in selling video to your advertisers?

Video advertising can improve audience engagement, attracts new web traffic and drives sales leads and conversions for your advertisers.

We asked Tim Hermes, B2B publishing executive and entrepreneur, about how to best develop a solid video revenue strategy:

“In order to surround the market, a niche publisher must leverage all media – online, e-newsletter, print, events, social, etc. Video is a key element as its metrics are astounding in terms of increasing time-on-site engagement and brand recognition and prestige.  

And it can be monetized better – – and easier, than one would think. For example, time on site for a web homepage with video increases by 100% over non-video. Time on site increases mean more engagement for everything a publisher does, whether it’s content view, increased page views, jumps to a download or a sponsor link, video accelerates that movement. And video has a certain prestige in the market. A well-produced video can make a brand look bigger than it is.”

So you are ready to sell the heck out of video. Here’s a handy checklist of things your advertisers need to know:

  1. Make sure they understand the style/theme of the video.
  2. What kind of video is it? Pre-roll? Native Ad? Interview?
  3. Show them the audience data on who will receive the video or where it is placed so they can view it.
  4. Show them a sample if possible.
  5. What exact assets do you need from the advertiser? (How many images, script length, interviewee, etc.)
  6. It’s important that each video asset have consistent branding so when a user sees any style of video clip from the brand, they know it immediately.

Finally, be sure to include video interviews for advertisers as part of integrated ad packages. As an upsell, make it available on your site, their site, and on DVD for offline mailing.

Or you can partner with your advertiser to create a “daily video tip” to drive sales. Advertisers like the exposure, and they are also your best experts. Have them pay to be the expert in a section on your site and record their answers to submitted questions.

And don’t forget to sell social media as a part of the video package, such as tweeting out the video to your magazine’s database. This is a big benefit – don’t give it away for free!