10 Ad Sales Proposal Secrets for Success

I have a number of business quotes I’ve found to be true that I live by and share in my ad sales training. One of my favorites is, “Always be looking for repeatable patterns of sales success.” That advice most definitely applies to the art of building an ad sales proposal that works time and time again. So I’ve put […]

5 Steps to Sales Negotiation Success!

Presenting proposals can be the easiest step to accomplish in the sales process. In fact, I often include a proposal when making a sales call, which saves time for me and my client. But when the client won’t commit, it’s time to start negotiating. So what are some good guidelines for negotiating during the proposal stage of the sale? Read on to learn how to […]

Sell BIG with Customized, Fully-Integrated Ad Proposals

When you build a customized ad package in multiple channels, it not only serves your advertisers, but drives serious ad sales revenue. So what’s the best way to present these proposals for closing success? We consulted Nancy O’Brien, Associate Publisher of Aviation International News, will be leading the session,  Proposal Mania! Custom Ad Packages for Max Revenue at the Super Niche event […]