The New Mindset: Editors as Revenue Rockstars!

News flash! The future of the niche media industry is in elevating your editorial talent. Your editors write valuable content, but they can also be revenue generators with a little encouragement. Publishers with this new mindset have been able to create new revenue streams, events, Read More

The Native Advertising Success Formula: 5 Key Ingredients For Niche Publishers

The rules of attention economics in the world of digital media have changed. Your audience is now banner-blind and ad-blocked.  (Think attention span of a goldfish.) What can niche media companies do to attract and retain reader attention online? Since attention spans Read More

Get Relevant or Get Lost! 4 Ways Ad Sales Relevancy Drives Media Sales

The Oxford English Dictionary defines “relevant” as “closely connected or appropriate to what is being done or considered.”  This definitely applies to the world of ad sales too. Being relevant in ad sales is NOT about learning a prospect’s favorite vacation spot from Facebook®.  Read More

Podcasts Trifecta: Audience, Content, and Revenue!

Are you still thinking podcasts are only for a younger demographic? Think again. Check out these stats from The future belongs to podcasts, with an estimated $534 million in ad spend by 2020! Listener share is growing too, with a jump Read More