The New Mindset: Editors as Revenue Rockstars!

News flash! The future of the niche media industry is in elevating your editorial talent. Your editors write valuable content, but they can also be revenue generators with a little encouragement. Publishers with this new mindset have been able to create new revenue streams, events, web properties, and even new lines of business. 

We interviewed Andrew Davis, bestselling author & internationally acclaimed keynote speaker to learn more. He challenges niche media companies to embrace a new breed of editorial talent.

Publishers need to shake up the way they view editorial. 

“We live in a social world. This means we have the ability to leverage editorial talent in an inherently social way. Your audience is more likely to engage through social media channels. This enables you to micro-target what and whom your audience is friending and following.”

Create a culture of aspiration.

“Create this culture by discovering and then encouraging the hopes and dreams of the talent you’ve hired. Start by identifying the employees with ambition beyond the skills they bring to the table today. You want people who want to grow, not just fit in the designated job title.

For example, your writers may not have had the ultimate life-goal of working for Manure Magazine or Backyard Poultry. Explore what their passions are beyond your niche. You will create new opportunities that can be valuable for them and for you.”

Drive new revenue and deeper niches.

“Here’s an example a staff writer who expanded the revenue potential of the magazine:

Daniel Vaughn of TM BBQ was a blogger for Texas Monthly. He was also passionate about barbecue. The publisher chose to see Daniel beyond just a writer.

The magazine then expanded their opportunities with Daniel to wildly successful results. He has now grown to become one of the biggest BBQ experts in the world and has grown their existing brand by creating a huge, multi-platform BBQ community that includes tours, events, more niched magazines, apps, a NYT best-seller and over 20,000 followers.”


Editor’s note: This is an updated version of a previous interview from 2015.


More about Andrew Davis:  Andrew Davis is leading the charge to change the way publishers think and how brands market their products in a digital world. His book, Brandscaping: Unleashing the Power of Partnerships, is an Amazon bestseller.



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