Million Dollar Idea: Happy Attendees, Happier Sponsors

For those in the events business, you know the better experience you provide for sponsors, the more revenue you generate. Elizabeth Kachoris shared her company’s new strategy for not only improving the experience of their event’s attendees, but also creating a rewarding (and lead-generating!) opportunity for their sponsors. Publisher: Elizabeth Kachoris Magazine: PMMI Media Group Big Idea: Data & Personalized […]

Super-Creative Event Sponsorship Revenue!

Logos on signs and banners: If you do the same boring event sponsorship at each of your events year after year, don’t expect better results! Instead, think about developing creative sponsorships that drive attendance, give max exposure to the sponsor, and allow you to increase sponsor pricing. We consulted event genius Eric Udler, Producer of All Show Services, for top ways to give […]