Niche Publishing: What CEOs Are Talking About

Andrew Davis, global motivational speaker and lunch keynote, recently challenged Niche CEO Summit publishers in the room: “Can you move your market? What trends can you inspire within your niche? More importantly, as a publisher, YOU do have the power to move your market Read More

7 (Easy) Ways to Grow your Email Newsletter List

An opt-in email newsletter list is one of a publishers’ most valuable assets. Why? Because they own the relationship with that reader. Publishers are starting to realize the unharnessed value of an engaged email database. So how do you grow your subscriber database? Read More

7 Top Tips for a Better E-newsletter

I recently had the opportunity to be a judge for an e-newsletter award. The panel looked for certain qualities immediately. Of course, navigability, layout and creativity were key elements. But it the entries didn’t also incorporate the 7 tips below, they were usually headed Read More