The Niche Media Events team and our event operations partners are dedicated to ensuring exhibitors and attendees can do business in a safe environment. Here’s what we’re doing to protect your health.

We have an obligation to protect our customers and ourselves as we get back to in-person events and networking. This is the new normal for the foreseeable future. Please take a moment to read through our Niche Event Safety Protocols, and contact us at if you have any questions.

1. All Niche Media Events follow local COVID or other health protocols.

We will communicate any specific venue, city, county or state protocols as we are made aware of them by our partners and officials.

2. Any Niche Media Event participant exhibiting or reporting signs of illness will be asked to immediately take an on-site COVID rapid test.  

The Niche office at the event venue will provide the COVID rapid test at no cost to the participant. A positive test will result in immediate quarantine per venue protocols. Niche respects your privacy, but will adhere to venue policies of announcing a positive test and working with the other event participants for tracing and additional actions.

Refusal to take the COVID rapid test may result in the participant being asked to take actions mandated by the venue and/or at Niche’s sole discretion for everyone’s continued safe attendance (such as wearing a mask if not already in force, quarantining in their hotel room, etc.).

3. COVID vaccination and boosters are not required to attend. They are HIGHLY encouraged.  

At this time, no Niche Media Event venues are requiring proof of vaccination.

4. On-site COVID rapid tests are available at the Niche office at no charge.

5. The attendee check-in process includes all badges and welcome kits sanitized prior to distribution, and the option to pick up your badge and bag with your own hands, not ours.

Hand sanitizer is provided in each welcome kit.

6. A Niche water bottle with a screw-off top is provided for water. Personal water bottle refills from water stations are not allowed. Signs will be posted to this effect.

7. All Niche Event participants, in addition to onsite protocols, must follow their company’s COVID health polices while on location at the event.

8. All Niche Event participants must follow local mandates when off site at the event.

Specific to any Niche-provided transportation, participants are required to wear masks at all times while on the transport.

9. All Niche parties will be hosted at venues where open-air networking is easily accessible.

10. All Niche parties will be hosted at venues where social distancing can be easily accomplished.

11. All Niche Event surveys are collected via a QR code instead of paper to reduce potential health issues (and save some trees).

12. Health announcements encouraging hand washing, hand sanitizing, and other protocols will be made at each general session as required by the event venue.

13. All Niche staff are required to be fully vaccinated prior to the event.

14. All Niche staff will test COVID negative prior to the event.

15. All vendors to a Niche event must adhere to local health and Niche-provided mandates.

16. Venue-specific health measures for upcoming events will be posted below when available: