How to Have a Perfect (Ad Sales) Season

Are you gazing out the window at the fall colors, (or thinking about your favorite football team) instead of paying attention to all your unanswered emails? What about all the follow-ups? If you want to have stellar ad sales in 2019, think about making some changes NOW. Are you ready to tackle 2019 ad sales challenges? Here are 5 quick […]

Reset the Customer Relationship

People often behave differently than they say they will. Survey question: Would you buy this (product)? Customer answer: Yes. Actual behavior when product comes out: Didn’t buy it. Sometimes people have an idealized vision of who they are or what they want. Sometimes they tell you what they think you want to hear, or what they think will impress you […]

How to Make Your Event Stand Out

Niche events are a hot revenue stream and everyone’s doing it. But how do you ensure you stand out from the other events in your market? Does your niche event have a WOW Factor? Does it have that special something that makes a lasting impression on your attendees? Event marketing is all about building a valuable community. We interviewed Phil […]

M&A: Let’s Make a Deal!

So you’re considering selling your media business. Or maybe buying new media properties. Is it a sure thing that it will be a long, bumpy ride? Are there ways to prepare yourself and your company now that can make a difference? We consulted Mark Sullivan (former President, Formula4Media) and John McGovern (CEO/Owner, Grimes, McGovern & Assoc.) for some of their […]