Million Dollar Idea: Buyers Guides!

The next installment of our Million Dollar Idea series comes from niche publisher Jeff Peterson of Peterson Publications. (His media company currently publishes 9 titles, 5 directories and 2 guides.)

  • Publisher: Jeff Peterson, Peterson Publications, Topeka, KS
  • Magazines: Plastics Business and 8 others
  • Big Revenue Idea: Buyers Guides

Buyers Guides are still alive…and doing well!

Buyers Guides are affordable, so your clients won’t hesitate to be included. Plus, advertisers look at the guides as additional value. Instead of publishing separately, you can also make the Buyers Guides part of an issue. And make sure there is a well-designed and easily-accessed online Buyers Guide that works with the printed version.

The Formula
  • Make the Buyers Guide easy to navigate: alphabetically, by location and by services/products offered.
  • Offer highlighted enhanced listings both in print and online.
  • Have a system to easily update listings for upload to your magazine’s website.
Why It Works

Buyers Guides are profitable because they are cost-effective to produce, advertisers find them easy to be part of, and it provides a steady stream of additional revenue. You can also offer listing upgrades. For example, enhanced listings can include color, logos, and boxed advertisements in the product/services section.

The Results

The possibilities are almost endless. Think of all the different kinds of buyers guides you can create within your niche. Contact your clients and see what they would like to see. Who doesn’t want additional, consistent monthly revenue?!



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