10 Easy Ways to Monetize Niche Magazine Content!

Looking for ways to monetize your content? Think outside the “repurpose box” with these top 10 ideas pulled from the Niche Stash o’ Awesome!   1. Spread out your content! Don’t publish all of your magazine’s content online at the beginning of Read More

Power Move: Partner with Advertisers for Videos!

Bright idea: Partner with your advertisers to produce promotional, informative videos…that lead to conversions. Yeah, you know all about that. It’s not always the easiest alternative for a small-to-medium publisher with a tight budget. But have you tried it yet? Of course you want Read More

How Can You Lower Costs AND Increase Sales? Segment, Segment, Segment!

Segmentation allows companies simultaneously to lower marketing costs and increase sales. The results speak for themselves. I have seen segmentation benefit many media firms and publishers. Actual outcomes include: 50% increase in email conversion 10 point increase in profit margins 15% increase Read More

Why Email is Madonna and Facebook is Lady Gaga in e-Marketing

We know this to be true:  Everyone’s inbox is exploding! Daily messages come from email, Facebook, Google+, texts, Youtube, Pinterest, Linkedin and more, more, more. Facebook gets a ton of attention, but when you go beyond the hype and the hoodie you Read More