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[Recap] How to Beat the Competition + Increase Revenue

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When it comes to sales, advertisers want to feel confident in their ability to deliver and grow their ROI. In our most recent webinar, Rick Schumacher, Executive Editor & Publisher of LBM Journal, joined us to share the huge impact the Baxter Research Center has been to his publication.

It made such a big impact, he bought the company!

Rich walks us through how he used the Ad Studies of the Baxter Research Center to set LBM Journal above their competition. The Ad Studies show the ROI of print ads, compare them toother advertisers, provide comments from readers, and deliver leads.

But don’t just take it from Rick. Similarly hear Brennan Lafferty (Vice President & Group Publisher, Plastic News), Andrea Klee (Publisher, Electrical Contractor Magazine), and Lori Gerard (Advertising Sales, Electrical Contractor Magazine) all share how the Baxter Research Center is helping them elevate both their sales and editorial teams.

“[Ad Studies] is a way you’re engaging your client. You’re not asking them for anything, you’re actually being a marketing partner with them at that point. And that builds trust,” says Lori Gerand.

Find out how you can use the Baxter Research Center to help your publication rise about your competition.



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