Mobile and Voice SEO: The Shape of Things

There’s a strong bond taking shape, and it’s between mobile and voice search. And we don’t mean just how much you to talk to your pal Siri. There’s Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana, chatbots and others. In fact, over half of search queries now come from mobile, and least 20% of those are voice-search.  These devices are rapidly finding very useful places in […]

Jumpstart Your Native Ad Program

Native advertising has become wildly popular – but mostly for social media giants such as Facebook. eMarketer estimates that spending on native digital display ads grew in 2017 to surpass $22 billion – with social platforms accounting for about 84% of that spending. For niche publishers, establishing profitable and sustainable native ad programs has never been more challenging. But native advertising represents […]

Time to Roll Out the Digital Red Carpet

Are you constantly refining your media company’s digital strategy? Hope so–because the digital space is literally transforming in…….micro-moments. Niche media companies need solid monetization strategies for social media, native ads and other content. They need to know what’s working best right now to drive online ad revenue. Staying informed and even ahead of the curve is the key to success. Here are some key online revenue areas for […]

Email is a Silver (Revenue) Bullet

Let’s face it, as sales people, we love a full arsenal of products to sell. And, to be honest, it’s our job to help potential advertisers determine what’s the right mix. That being said, I implore you – don’t ever leave email (e-newsletters) on the table! Too bold? Maybe, but hear me out– because I’m not alone in my thinking. Email […]

Winning Digital Sales Tactics for 2018

Ok, your sales manager has handed you a new integrated digital media package to sell and tells you to “run with it”. But your advertisers can vary so much in terms of experience, budget, even their own understanding of digital ROI. Not to mention managing all their goals and expectations throughout the process. So how do you craft (and explain) […]