Email is a Silver (Revenue) Bullet

Let’s face it, as sales people, we love a full arsenal of products to sell. And, to be honest, it’s our job to help potential advertisers determine what’s the right mix. That being said, I implore you – don’t ever leave email (e-newsletters) on the table!

Too bold? Maybe, but hear me out– because I’m not alone in my thinking. Email has had a bumpy ride for sure. But much like the Black Knight in Monty Python, it has taken some hard hits (I’m looking at you, Facebook) and yet, it continues to come out on top.

Whenever I’m positioning email, or defending its honor, I consistently lean on three core values:

#1. It’s only for marketers who want to make money.

How’s that for a conversation starter? Best yet, there are some pretty compelling numbers to back you up. How does 4,200% feel? Because that’s the estimated ROI for email.

The Direct Marketing Association releases annual ROI numbers based on their research from marketing experts across the spectrum, and every year email KILLS IT. The estimated average ROI for every dollar spent on email in 2016 was $42.00. And if past is prologue we’ll see that number increase with the 2017 numbers. Best yet, email’s ROI is consistently nearly double of any other marketing channel (still looking at you Facebook).

#2. Even a niche has many niches.

Diversity is the spice of life. The ability to speak directly to the multiple audiences in your niche is a key factor in achieving big numbers.

The opportunity to segment is endless – gender, purchase history, geographical location.  Any data point your advertiser has about their audience is an opportunity to craft a very personal and meaningful experience for the recipient. And ESPs (email service providers) continue to make segmentation easier and more intuitive – it’s not just for the email geeks anymore.

#3. Learn Fast, Pivot Even Quicker

You just hit ‘send’ on the email. Woo hoo . . . now the fun begins!

Once you deploy an email you can follow engagement and then segment, retarget and nurture your audience based on their activity — this is powerful.

  • Did I open the email but didn’t take the bait? – A second email with a stronger CTA might do just the trick.
  • Did I click but not make a purchase? – How about a small discount or special offer to push me over the edge?
  • Did I click through and make a purchase? Great job! You’re winning!  Now . . . how about a secondary recommendation or even better, a thank you email?
  • What about the folks who didn’t open it? Are they all using Gmail? You may need to adjust your format because you’re likely hitting spam filters.

No other advertising channel gives you this level of instant insight. And because the cost of producing or adjusting an email is relatively inexpensive, your marketing is both nimble and cost effective.

Editor’s note:

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More about Christopher: Christopher Lester is the Founder of C4ward Strategies in Nashville, TN, where he helps companies align their brand experience throughout the sales process. He’s passionate about the consumer and crafting marketing that feels more human. He’s a lover of the underdog, hot dogs, and a sweet dog named Olive. In his past life, Christopher spent the last decade geeking out on all things digital. He worked with brands like Mario Batali, Garden & Gun, Atlanta Falcons, Nashville Predators and The YMCA to tell their story in the digital space and deliver emails that people want to read. He also served as the Vice President of Sales at Emma Email Marketing, and was responsible for strategic brand growth, new customer acquisition and in-market development.


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