Email is a Silver (Revenue) Bullet

Let’s face it, as sales people, we love a full arsenal of products to sell. And, to be honest, it’s our job to help potential advertisers determine what’s the right mix. That being said, I implore you – don’t ever leave email (e-newsletters) on the table! Too bold? Maybe, but hear me out– because I’m not alone in my thinking. Email […]

Niche Your Niche Magazine’s eNewsletters For New Revenue Streams

Many niche magazines publish one editorial-focused newsletter, but there are other newsletter opportunities out there. Brainstorm how you can niche your niche even further for your readers.  These super-niched out newsletters can create new revenue streams with additional advertising dollars. Experiment to find the right line-up of e-newsletter products that work for you. Try these to get started: Create product-specific […]