The Niche Publishing Print Renaissance

I’ll admit to the title being a bit dramatic. But can we all agree that recent signs point toward a renewed preference for print in the magazine world? What makes it all the more remarkable is that we are truly immersed in a digital environment, more so than at any other point in history.

Today we use smart phones not only as a communication device, but as clocks, research tools, social secretaries, shopping carts and entertainment.  Mobile devices and laptops give us access to the world with a simple click, tap, or swipe.

Yet print is trending up.

Many industry resources are reporting that print magazines are carrying a higher value these days. Check out MPA’s research on the relevance of print.  A good example of this is the luxury and lifestyle magazine. Coveted products and scenic locales are displayed within their print pages, giving the reader license to relax and take it all in.

Moreover, even though there has been a growing shift in the industry to digital-only with a younger audience, the converse seems to be happening. Millennials are favoring print.

How does print benefit readers?

  • Mental breathing room.
  • No Pop-ups. (Not to mention the related benefit to advertisers – no ad blockers!)
  • No scrolling or gesturing to absorb both the scope and detail of an article or ad.
  • The ability to align with a brand by publicly displaying it – i.e., carrying the magazine.
  • Tangible added-value deliverables that can ride along with the magazine.  (This is a smart marketing strategy to promote print over digital, especially when done with consistency to build expectation with each delivered issue.)

Print is a proven and profitable business model that works.

Several years ago, everyone was jumping on the digital bandwagon.  I believe that today’s print opportunity is actually more lucrative. You can capitalize on this renaissance period and market print magazines for the intrinsic value they hold; the quiet, uncluttered, uninterrupted moments they afford readers.

Of course there will always be a place for digital as long as people are tethered to their devices. But a full and rich experience is waiting for readers within your glossy or matte pages!


More about Susan: Susan Parente is the Publications Marketing Manager at Sheridan, a print and publishing services company that serves magazine, journal, and book publishers as well as catalogers.  Susan is passionate about all things print, her canine “kids”, cooking, and the Pittsburgh Penguins.


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