When It Comes to Your Publication, Consider the Simple Things.

Alternate revenue streams, paywalls, sponsored content, versioning, big data, social media tracking… Today’s publishing environment is complicated. But you know what? It doesn’t always need to be. We can get so caught up in embracing the next new trend that we overlook opportunities to improve upon our centerpiece: our print publication. Take a breath. Take a break from the technology […]

Print Power, Right On!

It’s the difference between being constantly inundated with messaging vs choosing what to consume and when. Imagine a reader experience with no annoying pop-ups, frozen downloads or swiping to nowhere. Instead, your niche readers can enjoy uncluttered, uninterrupted moments to absorb your magazine’s content, enjoying the feel of the paper between their fingers as they turn the page. They are […]

Managing Print Costs: “Overs and Unders”

Most magazine printers will apply a notation to their quote specifying their “overs and unders” policy when producing your magazine. But what exactly does that mean? Why “overs” and “unders” are necessary: Each step in a manufacturing process (including the printing process) results in spoilage that must be accounted for in order to ultimately meet a specified print quantity. While […]