Highlights from the Publishers Conclave

We now live in a world where publishers offer creative design and content services to their advertisers, and ad/marketing agencies publish custom magazines. So it makes perfect sense, then, that magazine printers are hosting publisher events. It’s about bringing together their clients in an innovative, networking atmosphere to share ideas and learn from each other. These changes bring new opportunities for just about […]

Revenue Growth: Choosing the Right Channel Mix, Digital Monetization, and More

As a successful niche publisher, developing a plan for smart growth for your media company means saying “No” to ideas that don’t fit your business model, and “Yes” to ideas that spur revenue growth and audience value. How can you choose wisely? We interviewed Ted Williams, founder/CEO of Charlotte Agenda, for insights on developing and monetizing audience by making the […]

New Revenue Opportunities with E-commerce

Figuring out the best ways to monetize digital is a hot topic for niche publishers these days. Have you explored other product revenue opportunities out there for your online store? Don’t have one yet? E-commerce channels are super-creative revenue streams and can be one of the easiest ways to build audience, collect demographics and make money. We recently interviewed Meg Estevez, Vice President […]

Niche Events: Transform (or Ditch) the Losers!

The definition of “proactive” is “controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened.” Are you truly proactive when it comes to managing the profitability of your events? Do you have events in your line-up that used to be successful and now have resulted in steadily declining profit margins every year? Should you shut down […]

Successful Service Models & Native Advertising: An interview with Andrew Hanelly

The ultimate media disruption: “Service” models and native ads have replaced the traditional advertising. So how can niche publishers compete for those ever-increasing content marketing budgets through the new channels of creative services and native advertising? We interviewed digital expert Andrew Hanelly about services publishers can offer and also about how to create native advertising that rocks: