Podcast for Profit!

Launching and maintaining a successful podcast takes guts and gusto. You have to build your own audience, then increase listener share– all while driving profitability. But fear not. While most podcasters fade away in the first year, the successful ones are making it work–exponentially! We consulted with David Martin, Digital Media Director, San Diego Magazine on how to launch a […]

Digital Revenue: Let’s Do the Math!

Hey Niche Publishers! Who would like to add $378K to their annual revenue? Rachel Winner-Eberhardt, Advertising Director of Pittsburgh Magazine, posed just this question to attendees at our Super Niche event in Nashville in March. She shared tips on how her magazine maximizes their digital space. (These ideas can easily work for B2B and Associations too.) Here are 3 ideas […]

Less Tech Hassle, More Tech Revenue!

CRM? ESP? CMS? CDP? The bigger question: Do you really need all these platforms to be successful? Sure, technology tools are essential to your media company operation.  But they can also be a giant expense, a time suck, and confusing as hell. Elizabeth Kachoris (Sr Director, Digital & Data, PMMI Media Group) is the Tech Whisperer. She’s also the slayer of inefficiency […]

Consider the Audacious Audit

Are you doing everything necessary to ensure the future growth of your business? It starts with taking a 360-degree view of every single product in your line-up, and then evaluating how those products will fit within your future plans. Dan Oswald, CEO of Simplify Compliance, knows plenty about launching successful, sustainable products. He has orchestrated a number of mergers and […]

B2B Events 2.0

Who wants to learn the latest in B2B event models and revenue strategies? Events continue to be a hot commodity in niche media, especially for B2B and Association publishers. Finding fresh ways to inspire, inform, and engage your customers or membership is crucial for event revenue growth. Philip McKay (President & CEO, nGage Events) and his team manage super successful […]